5 Homemade Cures To Treat Oral Thrush Naturally


Curing Oral Thrush Using Items Commonly Found In Your Home

Oral thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth caused by a common organism – candida albicans. While this type of candida is normally present in small quantities in your mouth and gut, it only becomes annoying once it grows out of proportions – a process called candida overgrowth.

Since this abnormal growth happens as a result of a change in the bacterial flora of the mouth, what you eat has a lot to do with it. In early cases of thrush, changing your diet may be enough to get rid of your symptoms; however, if they persist, it’s better to use anti-fungal medications, too.

Natural remedies

In some cases, the typical anti-fungal medication may be risky – especially so if you’re pregnant, or if you’re already taking drugs for other disorders. If that’s the case, there are plenty of natural remedies for oral thrush that will cure the infection, if applied correctly.

Active compounds in natural ingredients have been shown to cure oral thrush by directly affecting the candida albicans colonies in your mouth. Most of these solutions are applied locally, directly on the affected region. There is no clearly determined period of treatment, as the strength of the solution plays an important role. If your home remedy of choice seems to be ineffective after a few days of use, you may want to consult a doctor.

Essential oilscoconut-oil-anti-candida

Some essential oils have been shown to kill candida albicans and lower the spread of thrush. The most commonly-used is coconut oil. You’ll have to apply extra-virgin coconut oil on the affected areas with a cotton swab, usually 2-4 times a day, until you’re happy with the results.

Salt Rinse

ASaltnother great home remedy is salt. Add one tablespoon of salt to one cup of water and use the mixture to gargle thoroughly. Repeat a few times a day for several days, until the symptoms are gone.


Baking soda

Mix 1 or 2 teaspoons with water until you get a smooth paste. Apply the mixture on the baking-soda-for-thrushinfected region with a cotton ball. Rinse your mouth with water after a few minutes.

If applied correctly, this solution should get rid of your infection within a week.

Tea tree oil

You can also use tea tree oil. Add 4/5 drops to one cup of warm water and use that to gargle thoroughly twice a day for several days, until the infection improves. Be careful not to swallow, as there may be some unpleasant side effects.health-benefits-tea-tree-oil-1


Other home remedies include yogurt, garlic and apple cider vinegar. They’re all applied locally, and they can also be eaten, either alone or mixed with other ingredients.


There are plenty of natural alternatives to the typical anti-fungal medication, (like gentile violet) and they’re pretty easy to prepare, too. You can start using them as soon as you’ve diagnosed your infection, and you should always consult your doctor if you experience any unpleasant side effects.